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Rare cases

Unique & So called incurable Cases treated at

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In last 28 years we have treated more than 1.5 million cases including a variety of difficult and so called incurable disorders. Herewith we are quoting few interesting and difficult cases treated at our centres.

Myopathy ( Duchenne  type of Pseudo- Hypertrophic muscular dystrophy )- A boy 10 years of age R/O Sambalpur diagnosed as a case of "Duchenne"  at Medical College, CPK was high, Under treatment for last 2 years. gradually improving. A boy 15 yrs old, R/o Hyderabad, under treatment intermittently for last 3 years, gradually improving. CPK has come down from 18300 to 3650. though incurable, the disease process may be retarded or halted in many such cases.      Male 20 yrs R/O Aurangabad had waddling gait, wasting of muscles, gradual deterioration, EMG & raised CPK confirmed diagnosis of late onset limb girdle type of myopathy.  The patient last 5 years.  He can now walk three times more distance than that before treatment.  Instead of deteriorating in its normal course, patient is improving.Boy 8 yrs old R/O Kanpur could not get up without support. 4 elder brothers had died due to same disease. In only 10 days of treatment done in our Nasik Camp he could get up without support and walk without falling.Boy 8 yrs old R/O Aurangabad needed support to get up and used to fall while walking.Can now run and get up without support after 4 months treatment. Treatment being continued to prevent recurrence. CPK has become normal.

Some cases improve while further deterioration may be stopped in majority cases. This is incurable genetic disorder according to Modern Medicine so our results offer a ray of hope ! 

Motor-Neuron Disease ( MND )-  Male 55 yrs R/O Pachora could not walk or eat with his hands. Admitted and treated at Aurangabad hospital. After one month's treatment he can now walk without support and eat with his own hands. Speech also improved. Treatment being continued for further improvement. Male 45 years R/O Delhi. Could not get up without support, After 3 months treatment he did not require support to get up and walk. 45 yr man had gradual loss of power in all 4 extremities .Muscle wasting was found in thenar and hypothenar muscles of the palm, muscle twitching of all 4 limbs was evident . This case was referred to us by a neurophysician who diagnosed it as MND, another physician thought it as Primary Muscle Disease whereas Orthopaedic surgeon had diagnosed it as Cervical cord compression. Acupuncture diagnosis is mainly dependent on pulse, tongue, nail and skin and five element evaluation of the individual. After perfect diagnosis treatment is supposed to work in 15-20 days.  This patient  was literally lifted to our hospital, 15 days of treatment helped him to walk with support of 2 persons. Further treatment saw him moving alone with little support. At discharge he would walk alone and come on his own from his place to our  hospital. Such phenomenal changes cannot be thought of in Modern Medicine.  This is progressive incurable disorder according to Modern Medicine still the disease process may be stopped or retarded in majority of such cases. Some cases do improve !

 Bulbar Palsy Due to MND - Female 22 yrs R/O Ahmednagar came with oedema on face, difficulty in deglutition, gradual loss of voice and regurgitation of food & water.  One course of Acupuncture (28/9/94 - 8/10/94) cured the patient completely. A male 35 yrs R/O Sambalpur, Orissa was unable to swallow even water, was diagnosed as MND at A.I.I.M.S. Delhi. Treated at Mumbai centre for 10 days, started drinking fluids, after another course of 10 days at Aurangabad he started swallowing solid food ( Rice ). 60 Yrs female R/O London was brought to India for our treatment. She had difficulty in speech as well as swallowing. She improved considerably in about a month and left for London with satisfaction !

Cerebellar Ataxia- A Civil Engineer had imbalance while walking with uncontrolled Diabetes Mellitus. His MRI suggested  cerebral and cerebeller atrophy. He was always accompanied by 2 persons carrying him to our hospital. The above mentioned case responded well in 30 days of treatment .He could walk with a stick. In the next course he could walk without stick with a little support . Cases of Friedrich ataxia are  also  frequently seen  at our clinic.  It  is a progressive degenerative disorder of the cerebellum considered to be genetic .Such cases need to be managed properly and the treatment priority has to be given to at least stop the progress of the disease and then look for some reversible changes.  Two siblings staying close to our clinic are suffering from this disorder. They come intermittently for treatment. We have succeded in preventing further progress of the disease. Brother and sister had imbalance gait , their mother had the same symptoms and therefore diagnosed Friedrich ataxia. Both of them have undergone Acupuncture treatment . Both of them responded well. Brother was able to continue his duties as a sales manager  in a car showroom and the sister could do the household work and walk alone from her home which was 2-3 km away from the hospital. Since this form of  disorder is a progressive one patients have to maintain further follow-ups and restart the treatment whenever necessary .

  Parkinsonism- 70 yrs retired  teacher had slurred speech with tremors in right hand . Use of scalp Acupuncture and treating the five elements is the basis of treatment in parkinsonism.  This patient was completely well after 30-40 days of treatment. A Businessman had family history of parkinsonism . The list and the quantity of drugs were adding on and the disease was getting progressed. Acupuncture was used to control the disease. Rigidity was reduced with acupuncture & catgut embedding in 15 days. Further treatment made him speak well. A Diamond merchant had started acupuncture treatment in the early stage of Parkinson’s. The  tremors in his hand disappeared in 15-20 days of treatment. Drugs were not started.

Cerebral Palsy- Fruit merchant’s kid could not walk . His legs were crossed. All the milestones were delayed.  This child was given 15-20 days treatment every month. This child could attain a normal school after the treatment. Further treatments helped him to ride bicycle of his own .The recovery attained was brilliant which helped this child to live and behave as a normal child and the hopeless parents becoming hopeful about their child and his future. A boy was admitted in a school for the mentally disabled. He was a diagnosed case of CP. MRI suggests microcephaly.  Acupuncture was started to improve his cognitive ability, learning ability, grasping capacity thereby improving his IQ. Boy responded well  started behaving normally, stopped laughing and staring abnormally, learnt community living. Finally he could be admitted in a normal school but in lower grade as compared to the children of his age.

 Epilepsy- 28 yr printer R/O Aurangabad was having  Grand Mal Epilepsy. His MRI was normal, EEG confirmed the diagnosis. He was on regular antileptics. Inspite of the drugs he used to have episodes of attacks 2-3 times a month .He suffered with several tongue bites  Acupuncture diagnosis in epilepsy is mainly dependent on five element study of the case. Perfect diagnosis gives quick results. The number of attacks are reduced during the first course of acupuncture . Further treatments are then meant to reduce the doses of antileptics, this has to be done gradually and cautiously. The above mentioned case was successfully treated, he now runs a courier agency.  32 yrs female R/O Pune was suffering from Epileptic seizures 2-3 times a week . She was not responding even to heavy medication, According to Acupuncture we diagnosed it as Water-Fire imbalance. She was cured in about 6 months.

Trigeminal Neuralgia- A famous artist  R/O Hyderabad, had severe pain in tooth being referred over half side of the face. His pain was aggravated on intake of solid food and cold drinks. He could not concentrate on his profession and stopped paintings.  Trigeminal neuralgia is the affection of 5th cranial nerve. Carbamazepines are the commonly prescribed drugs in modern medicine. As the pain worsens the dosage of the drugs needs to be increased. Surgery being the other alternative where the affected nerve has to be destroyed with alcohol, Laser etc After 15 days of  Acupuncture treatment he could eat rice. He was emotional and could not stop crying. He replied gladly, Sir I could eat rice after 9 mths. Drugs were gradually withdrawn. He made portrait of Prof Sir Dr Lohiya. His paintings are exhibited at many Indian airports .                    45 yrs female R/O Aurangabad did not respond to drugs so she came for acupuncture. Response to routine points was not satisfactory so Prof Dr Lohiya took  her detailed history. Interesting finding was that she got the attacks on or aroung Full Moon day. Ginger moxibustion was done at point Ruye (which in Chinese means Full Moon) and the attacks stopped for ever. 52 yrs male R//O Nagar was taking 14 tabs of Tegretal 200 mg every day. Inspite of this heavy dosage his pain was not under complete control. He took Acupuncture treatment at Aurangabad centre twicw a week for 6 months. Drugs were tapered off. He was observed for another 6 months. He was completely cured .

Migraine- 32 yrs female, Pune was suffering from attacks of one sided headache relieved by vomiting. Used to get temporary relief by drugs. Completely cured in3months.  Grand daughter of a professor  of Medicine Aurangabad  had migraine from 5-6 yrs. The headache used to be severe lasting for 2-3 days. The frequency and intensity of attacks increased day by day. The girl had developed suicidal tendency due to the intolerable pain. 7-8 pills of ergotamine tablets at a time  would not reduce her pain. Drugs could  be successfully stopped after 3 sessions of Acupuncture treatment- 15 days each. Complete control of pain was achieved with Acupuncture .After a attack free period of 2-3 months treatment was stopped.      A company worker used to get severe headache and uncontrolled anger during the attack. He decided not to  marry if the symptoms are not subsided.  . Reduction in the number of attacks due to Acupuncture  helped improve his confidence. He  had a pain free period of 6 months which confirmed complete cure. 4 yrs later he visited our hospital with his wife and daughter not for migraine but to treat the backache of his wife! This is quite common disorder. According to Prof Dr. Lohiya's experience, excess "Fire" in the body is the root cause.

Myashenia Gravis-  Male, 40 yrs, R/O Mumbai. Had  bilateral ptosis ( drooping of both eyelids). Neostigmine used to give symptomatic relief for 4 hrs. His look was like a drunkcard. Completely cured in 6 courses of 10 days. 55 yrs Male R/O Aurangabad was having extreme fatigue in all muscles. He could pull on with heavy dose of steroids & Rastinon. After acupuncture we could gradually taper off his medicines.

Want to avoid surgery for Knee pain ?- Male 72 yrs R/O Aurangabad suffering from Osteo-Arthitis both Knees,  treated by acupuncture & Moxibustion for 3 months. Knee replacement successfully avoided.  78  yrs  merchant R/O Amravati had severe pain in the knee.  Earlier  he used to walk 2-3 kms.everyday. He was advised replacement surgery. He was reluctant for surgery. He came to our hospital  and wanted to save the natural knee. After our treatment he could  restart 3 km morning walk daily and also could  sit in squatting position. 65 yrs wife of renowned retired principal R/O Aurangabad  was advised knee replacement. We made her walk normally in 3 months. Surgery was avoided. Female R/O Dhule was treated for relieved of knee problem in 1986. She has now come for treatment of lumbar pain. Even now knee is "First Class" !

Acupuncture therapy helps to reduce inflammation very soon thereby reducing the pain naturally and instantly. Correction of  imbalance in 5 elements helps to improve lubrication in the joints. Reduction in the friction in the Joints itself suggests increase in the synovial fluid. The tissue proliferation action of Acupuncture also helps the well being of the cartilages. We have successfully avoided knee replacement in thousands of such cases in last 28 years.

Avascular Necrosis of Head of Femur- . Male 32 yrs R/O Ludhiana had AVN of both hips. Operation could be avoided after 4 courses of 20 sittings. Young engineer was diagnosed  with Avascular necrosis of  head of left femur. He was suggested  replacement surgery which was not advisable in younger age so he came  to our clinic. Patient had excellent improvement in just 10 days . Pain symptoms vanished completely. We have also treated patients with grade III AVN with satisfactory pain relief with only Acupuncture without any drugs. Generally the changes in AVN are irreversible. Acupuncture can halt the on going process of AVN. Male 45 yrs R/O Aurangabad had early AVN in Right sided Head of Femur ( Hip Joint ). After 20 sittings the X ray. was normal.  Surprisingly in some Grade I cases we have noted reversible  changes.       We are treating many such cases which are generally a complication of  steroid therapy. Results are satisfactory !

Rheumatoid Arthritis - Female 28 yrs R/O Parli. Family history +ve, R.A. factor +ve.  Within 6 courses of Acupuncture, R.A. factor became -ve. Complete cured. Female 32 yrs R/O Kolhapur  & A female 58 yrs, R/O Aurangabad became RA -ve after 4 & 6 courses of 20 sittings. By now hundreds of such cases have been successfully treated.

Frozen Shoulder ( Periarthritis )- 60 yrs woman R/O Aurangabad could not lift right hand since 4 months. Prof Dr Lohiya inserted two needles in opposite leg. Within 5 minutes there was 80% improvement. Treatment was continued for another 10 days for complete improvement. Daughter-in-law distributed sweets as this woman had started working at home!   This is a common problem in diabetics. They need longer treatment than non diabetics.
                                                                                                                                                                               Ankylosing Spondylosis - Male 35 yrs R/O Aurangabad.  Long snake moxibustion & Acupuncture given.   Curvature of vertebral column corrected to remarkable degree. Male 28 yrs, R/O Goa treated at Parli  intermittently for 6 months. His kyphosis ( forward fixation of spine ) became normal. Male 42 yrs R/O Sawantwadi had kyphosi ( Forward bendind of Spine) and restricted neck movements. Within 6 months, spine became 90% normal and neck became 80% free.                    Possible need of Hip replacement may be avoided and curvature of spine can be reasonably corrected.

Cervical Spondylosis, Canal Stenosis, Cervical Rib - Male 38 yrs R/O Mumbai had wasting of right hand muscles. He was advised surgery. Girth of right hand improved 90% in 3 months. Cervical pain vanished.                                  Female,45 yrs R/O Hyderabad had severe pain & numbness in working hand. She did not respond to cervical collar, analgesics or traction. Surgery was advised. Prof. Dr.Lohiya inserted two needles, one in hand and the other in ear. Pain vanished in a minute. She was advised 3 months course but She did not take further treatment. Met in a function after 5 yrs. She came running to tell that pain had vanished for ever ! 60 yrs Male R/O Aurangabad  had a history of fall leading to weakness- loss of power in all four extremities. On MRI he was diagnosed as Cervical Canal Stenosis. Ortho. Surgeon had advised surgery. He came to us to avoid operation. Complete bed rest with acupuncture treatment for 40 sessions in 20 days made him walk with support , further treatments made him independent and walk normally.                                                     A farmer had “Slip Disc” and dislocation at C4-C5 level. This patient suddenly developed pain, tingling-numbness and weakness in Rt. upper extremity. Major spinal surgery was suggested to this patient. Risk of complications due to surgery made the patient take the alternative way. Strong pain killing Acupuncture stimulation technique made the patients pain bearable within 2 days and further treatment of 15 days made him pain free. Moreover he regained power in the Rt. upper limb.                                                                                                                                                                             Doctor’s wife had Cervical spondylosis with osteoporosis . She had pain in the neck and upper back since 3-4 yrs. The severity of pain was increasing day by day ,routine work was not possible. Constant use of pain killers gave rise to acid peptic disorder. Within 3-4 days’ of our  treatment she was pain free. Selection of proper points ,correct needling technique are the keys in a successful acupuncture treatment hence  treatment results vary from one acupuncturist   to the another one.         Disc lesions are the most common cases being treated in our hospital. Neurological deficits though thought to be irreversible as per modern medicine are reversed with our acupuncture efforts. Nothing is impossible with Acupuncture if doctor has self belief !

 Lumbar Spondylosis, Slip Disc with Sciatica, Lumbar Canal Stenosis -  This is the commonest disorder being treated at all of our centers in order to avoid surgery .We have successfully avoided surgery in thousands of such cases. There are many possible complications of the surgery done in such cases. Many patients come for treatment of Complications of surgery !  Man 42 yrs R/O  Hyderabad was brought on stretcher. He was advised immediate surgery for Slip Disc at L5-S1 by the surgeons. He could not even turn in bed. Prof. Lohiya inserted 3 needles and within 5 minutes patient could walk. 3 course of 20 sittings were given to avoid surgery.  Male 55 yrs R/O Aurangabad had Slip disc at L4-L5. Needed support of a stick to walk. After 2 courses of our treatment , can walk without any support !   Male 32 yrs R/O Ambajogai was advised surgery for Lumbar canal stenosis. Treated by Ear Acupuncture only for 3 days 10 years ago. Completely normal till now. 32 yrs lady had cord compression at L4-L5 level. She had left foot drop- loss of power in lt ankle joint- with little pain in back. 10 days of treatment in a month for 4 months was given . This case needs a special mention as her foot drop was completely recovered to the extent that she could even walk on her toes and heel.   A TV company manager was diagnosed having disc bulge at L4-L5. He was suggested to undergo laminectomy  at the company hospital under mediclaim. This patient did not want surgery so  he approached our clinic in  hope . He had wasting in rt. thigh muscles . This gentlemen had no pain after 15 days of treatment and there was considerable increase in girth  of the thigh muscles. A friend  asked him “ when the company is going to bear all the expenses for surgery why Acupuncture?” to which he politely replied “ With surgery I might have got  complications as a bonus ! "A Bank manager had cord compression at L4-L5  & L5-S1 level with sciatica in left leg which could not be  controlled with analgesics and rest.. He  came to us to avoid surgery. Generally facet pains get quickly relieved, with the onset of treatment in no time he felt much better even without analgesics. The excruciating pain in the leg and back pain was simultaneously relieved in  3 months. 58 yrs male , renowned doctor of Aurangabad had severe Slip Disc at L5-S1 level with foot drop. It was difficult for him to stand. He recovered completely in 2 weeks Acu-catgut treatment and rest.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome- Wife of a businessmen R/O Kolhapur was diagnosed with CTS .. Power in right thumb was reduced considerably so that she could not cook food and do household activities. Orthopaedic surgeon had advised operation. Acupuncture being a drugless therapy was a treatment of choice for this patient.. The pain symptoms are relatively easier to treat ,clearing up the neurological deficit remains a challenging job. This patient recovered in a span of 35-40 days of treatment. Pain in the wrist was subsided in first 15 days and power in the thumb was completely regained so that she could perform her regular household activities.32 yrs female R/O Sillod had numbness in fingers. After her CT Scan doctor had advised surgery. We gave acupuncture for two months. She was totally normal.

Pott’s spine- Bollywood superstar of seventies had severe pain in back and both lower extremities.  His MRI pictures showed lesions in most of the vertebral column as he had TB spine in the past. While receiving Filmfare Life time achievement Award he had to be supported to climb the stage. He came for treatment at our Mumbai centre and  then at our Aurangabad centre where he addressed a Press meet appreciating the efficacy of Acupuncture to the media. He also wrote a poem in  appreciation  of Prof. Lohiya.

 Sport Injuries--One of the best batsmen of all times was injured while playing in Ranaji trophy semifinal. Prof. Lohiya gave him only one sitting of Acupuncture which made him 100% fit to play the final match which was scheduled in the same week. A top Tennis star took treatment at our Hyderabad centre to relive pain in wrist joint which used to trouble her after a couple of sets. She got satisfactory relief. One Ranaji trophy fast bowler was suffering from frequent dislocation of shoulder joint. Orhopaedic surgeon advised him to convert his bowling from fast to spin !- a great joke !! He came to us during Nasik camp. Only 10 days treatment solved his problem. He continued fast bowling yet the problem did not recur. A Ranji trophy All Rounder  had pain and stiffness in the back.  His profession did not allow him more rest and excess of play made the pain  worse.  This patient was admitted in our hospital for the sake of rest and treatment procedures. . After 10 days of treatment he started  practice sessions on the ground without any pain. Furthur sessions of treatment were continued to see him fit and play matches with full potential.  Tennis Elbow-  40 yrs, R/O Beed had severe pain in outer side of right elbow during movement. Doctors had tried local steroid injection which didnt work too long. Completely  relieved within 2 days !       It is more common in Cricket players ( Batsman )  than Tennis players ! Our results are excellent, quick and permanent. Acupuncture is the well known medicine for sports injuries. Acupuncturists are appointed with every team in the Asian Olympics.

 Hemiplegia due to Brain Haemorrhage-  Male 75 yrs R/O Parli had Right sided paralysis with loss of speech due to Brain Haemorrhage. We started treatment when he came out of coma. 100% recovery in only 3 days. Talking & Walking both regained in toto !  9 year old school girl presented with left sided weakness as a result of  a perinatal insult. Brain MRI showed lesion in right parietal region.  The girl started using her lt hand  and would literally run after 6 months of intermittent treatment.  An acupuncturist trained in our institute suffered with stroke. MRI revealed haematoma in rt thalamic basal ganglia. He was in coma for 3 days treated in ICU. When the consciousness was achieved he was shifted to our hospital. Acupuncture treatment is very quick if started within a week after stroke as the natural recovery process also helps for the revival of the patient. Within a month after commencing Acupuncture treatment he could walk well , use his lt hand. He has been almost completely recovered . 75 yr old politician came with paralysis of  left upper and lower limb. The patient had stroke before 5 yrs . He could not walk and had to be carried with the support of  2 persons. This patient could walk independently and could use his lt hand in his routine activities. A 52 yrs woman had right sided sensory hemiparesis. She complained of unbearable  unusual sensation in rt side of the body. This patient responded in first 10 days of treatment , started normal feeling on rt side of the body. She was normal within a month. Scalp Acupuncture was the main treatment modality used for this patient. 87 yr R/o Parli, had recent history of stroke. He completely recovered after 15 days of continued Acupuncture treatment and Meridian massage. The patients undergoing treatment in the natural recovery phase respond in short time and the recovery achieved can be nearly 100%. Fruit merchant’s wife had Rt sided hemiplegia-paralysed half side of the body with aphasia-inability to speak , MRI suggested multiple infarcts in bilat frontoparietal region and both thalami. She also had loss of recent memory.  This patient recovered very well  inspite of so many findings in the MRI. Fine movements of right hand were completely recovered, she could eat and write with  her hand, later the speech & memory too recovered . This is again a clinical proof  to prove the effect of Acupuncture to revive the brain tissue. The patients with alzeimers disease are best treated with acupuncture. Alzeimer is a continued-progressive deterioration of the brain tissue leading to memory loss. 75 yrs old  man  had an episode of stroke  2 yrs back- leading to aphasia- inability to speak. Scalp Acupuncture along with a specialized needling technique – approaching and to prick the tongue from external points was done. Within 10 days of treatment the  muscles of the tongue started responding. This gentlemen was asked by the incharge consultant "how are you now ?" and he gladly replied "recovered".                                                                   These are routine cases for us. In fresh cases there is near total recovery within 1 - 2 weeks. If patient comes too late then treatment time is more while recovery is partial.

 Paralysis due to Brain Tumour- A young lady 26yrs was detected with tumour in the brain tissue which was operated . Radiation therapy was given . She had Lt sided hemiplegia. She came for acupuncture therapy to treat the paralysis. The damage of the brain tissue due to tumour, interventions and radiation makes such cases difficult and time consuming. At the onset of treatment she could not walk ,she had grade 0 power in left upper and lower limb. After treatment of 45 days she could walk alone and lift her hand from shoulder with a partial residual effect in wrist.

 Paraplegia due to Chickengunia- A homeopathic practitioner suffered with transverse myelitis- infection of spinal cord. He contracted this disease during the epidemic of chikungunia, which  was then thought to be the cause of paralysis. Bladder and bowel control was lost. He was under intensive care for a month without any recovery. Poor prognosis made him nervous and hopeless .He was admitted in our hospital , on the 10th day of treatment he could flex both knees , after a month he could walk , bladder and bowel control took a little long to revive. One would really be surprised to hear that this patient is now able to drive his motor bike too in order to visit his bed ridden patients !

Fracture spine with paraplegia - Male 30 yrs R/O Gangapur.  Suffered from multiple Fractures T12 vertebra due to accident, leading to paralysis of both legs with loss of control on urine & bowel. Advised surgery with complete bed rest by ortho.  Surgeon.  Patient came to us to avoid surgery (Feb. 2000). Complete recovery within 5 days. Started walking without support from 6th day. Urine and bowel habits returned to normal. Was presented in International Conference held at Aurangabad in Nov.2000. Leading acupuncture experts from China, Malaysia, Russia, Hongkong, Europe, Australia and India were shocked to see this case as it was a challenge to the concepts of Modern Medicine.

Gullaine Barre Syndrome ( G.B.S.) causing paralysis - Male 26 yrs R/O Gunj had history of fever followed by  loss of power in all  limbs. He was admitted in Govt,  medical college for 7-8 days and then shifted to our hospital for further treatment. Acupuncture alongwith moxibustion and meridian massage on the spine was done. Within a month this patient achieved satisfactory power in all  limbs. Now he can climb steps with buckets full of water in either hands ! He is now a permanent staff of our hospital . A boy 10 yrs,R/O Aurangabad had quadriplegia ( paralysis of all limbs following viral infection. After 3 courses of 20 sittings completely cured. Boy, 8 yrs, R/O Parbhani had fever for 2 days followed by paralysis of all the 4 limbs ( Quadriplegia). Could not walk even with support.Could walk with support after 2 days and without support after 5 days. Improvement in such cases is wonderful if treatment is given as early as possible. In 1990, Boy R/o Paithan had paralysis of all limbs following fever. He had complete recovery in 10 days.Now he is taking our treatment for his backache ! 10 yrs child suddenly lost power in all limbs ,  he suffered with fever of unknown origin during this episode . Fever was controlled with antibiotics. Acupuncture was started to treat paralysis after a month. This patient recovered in 30 days of treatment. A year later his younger brother came up with similar complaints. His treatment was started very next day after the onset of paralysis. He recovered completely in 10-15 days. 32YR  lady – engineer  had a sudden onset of weakness in all four limbs . The reason for this was not clear though immunoglobin tests noted viral aetiology. The lady was lifted to our place.20 days of regular acupuncture sessions helped her to stand on her own and walk with support. Upper limbs were also recovered . She could take her regular meals and do her routine activities. She was given further sessions every month to witness a near complete recovery.                                                                                         

 Quadriplegia-     A government employee had partial paralysis of all 4 limbs . He could walk slowly , sluggish activities did not allow him to join duties , this case was much simple and easier to treat. 2 courses of 10 days treatment in a month made him walk normally. After complete treatment  he was able to ride a bicycle. 42 yrs R/O Ambajogai had accident resulting in fracture of cervical vertebra. All limbs were paralyzed with loss of urine & Bowel control. In 6 months he had satisfactory improvement.

Quadriplegia as a complication of neck surgery - Male 58 yrs R/O Pune was operated for Cervical disc prolapse. As a complication his all limbs were paralyzed with loss of Bladder & Bowel control. He was bed ridden. He was brought for our treatment 10 yrs later. Chances of improvement were almost none. Relatives forced us to treat. Miracle happened. Patient started eating with own hand on 4th day, walking with support on 8th day and went for swimming on 13th day. Difficult to believe but true ! 

Severe Cord Compression due to Atlanto-Axial dislocation- Male, 22 yrs, Nanded. Weakness & tingling in both hands with difficulty in walking & partial loss of control on bladder. After our treatment, tingling-numbness vanished in 2 days, power in legs regained in a week, urinary contol regained in 15 days.Surgery could be successfully avoided. We have treated over 500 such cases with a good success rate.
Syrinx in Spinal cord- A young lad had syrinx (tumour in the spinal cord)  in cervical region . This boy had weakness in Left  upper and lower limbs for which he was operated . As a post operative complication patient developed quadriparesis-weakness in all four limbs. Regular Acupuncture treatment for a month saw him walking with support; further treatment made him independent.

 Wrist Drop- 12 yr school going boy had wrist drop. He was given intramuscular injection in the deltoid by a local practitioner. NCV and EMG confirmed the findings. The practitioner took him to a surgeon who planned tendon replacement surgery for the child . Father of the child denied surgery as the surgeon did not give guarantee of success. The child was brought to us as Acupuncture was the only alternative left. After 20 days treatment the boy could  perform flexion and extention at wrist. It took another month to  attain complete recovery .The practitioner took a sigh of relief as he was threatened regarding a court case for compensation ! Wife of a doctor R/O Ahmednagar had Wrist drop due to accident causing fracture of humerusShe did not respond to drugs and splint. She was operated but it too did not help. In 3 sittings of Acupuncture she had complete recovery.  Overdrunk person is not aware of the position in which he slept , in such cases if the hand hangs at the elbow over any hard object puts pressure on the ulnar, radial or axillary nerve leading to loss of conduction in the nerves leading to paralysis of hand. 10 days treatment is generally sufficient to cure such patient provided treatment is started soon.

 Bell's Palsy- A newly married woman had paralysis of half face causing deviation of mouth . She did not respond to steroids so she approached us after 3-4 weeks . 2 courses made her near normal. 15-20 days later she had paralysis of  opposite side. Complete recovery was achieved in 10 days. 25 yrs Engineer came for paralysis of face which he had since 15 years. We inserted surgical catgut at 4 acupuncture points telling him clearly that chances of success were very less but to our great astonishment he came to our clinic after one month to show us that he had recovered completely !Young girl R/O Hyderabad got Facial paralysis while drying hair under a fan. She came for our  treatment after a week when steroids given by her doctor did not help. She had complete recovery in 5 days. Results are wonderfully quick if treatment is done immediately.

 Facial spasm ( Clonus )- A wholesale distributor suffered with facial clonus since 5-6 yrs. He could not  express and speak properly . He could not react with the dealers and customers. Botox therapy is only the treatment available in modern medicine with temporary results so he came for acupuncture which was very effective. He was normal within 4 months.

 Transverse Myelitis- Male,32 yrs, R/O Kolhapur. Lost control over both lower limbs .Partial control on urine. Not benefited by Methyl Prednisolone. Regained urinary control in 5 days, started crawling after 7 days, stood without support after 15 days and could walk normally after 20 days treatment. A female  35 yrs had quadriparesis due to myelitis in cervical cord. The patient was bedridden  when she was brought for our treatment. The MRI picture showed hyperintense lesion in the cervical cord from C3-C7 level. She got remarkable rather unbelievable recovery. She can now walk independently. She  regained the power in all limbs. A female 35 yrs R/O London was admitted in our hospital. She had 90% recovery within 6 months of treatment. Boy 10 yrs R/O Jalna had sudden weakness in both legs. Was unable to walk. Admitted in another hospital. Did not respond to Methyl Prednisolone given I.V. Took discharge and came to us. Treatment started a week after. Complete recovery in 10 days.  

 Neurogenic Bladder A boy 12 years old R/O Akola, Operated for Meningomyelocoele ( tumour )on back at Nagpur, lost the control over micturition as a complication of the operation . Put on catheter which wad advised lifelong, Completely  recovered only in 4 day's acupuncture treatment. On the only 4th day of treatment the boy cried gladly that he could pass urine without catheter. He was given further treatments to maintain the effect. This case was presented in an International conference. A challenge to the concepts of Modern Medicine, Video recorded. A girl, 8 yrs, R/o Paithan lost control on urine & bowels after surgery done for Meningomyelocele. Treated at Aurangabad centre. Regained the control after 4 courses of 20 sittings. Female 45 yrs R/O Aurangabad had no Bladder control and was using catheter. She regained Urinary control after 1 month treatment. Male R/O Gangapur had lost control on urine and bowel due to fracture of spine caused by accident. Regained control over Bladder  as well as Bowel within a week. School going boy did not have control over urine and stools. He had urgency to urinate and defecate. Due to this disorder he could not attain play sessions & he had to leave the class several times. He had history of meningomyelocoele  which was operated on 5th day  after birth. Operated meningomyelocoeles are commonly associated with neurogenic bladder as a post operative complication. He was given 10 days treatment in a month , the first observable change case in the 2nd month- The boy could hold the urge to defecate on the way of hospital for 15-20 min. Further treatment helped him to hold urine, he did not spill urine in the clothes even while playing. A boy R/O Hyderabad  had loss of urine control with proper bowel control. He was operated for meningomyelocoele at birth. He had to use catheter to pass the urine. He was trained to pass urine at regular intervals. After detail study and proper consultation Acupuncture treatment was started .

This is common complication of Spine surgery  or  surgery done for Meningocele. Patient needs life long catheterisation.

Bronchial Asthma- Boy 14 yrs R/O Jalna was getting running nose and asthmatic attacks frequently. Family history was positive. We gradually tapered and stopped his drugs. After 6 months treatment he was normal without drugs or acupuncture.Man 70 yrs old R/O Kolhapur was completely cured with Moxibustion & Acu- Catgut therapy done once a month- 4 times.Her family doctor had asked her not to take acupuncture. One day she saw that doctor  coming to us for treatment of his child. She caught hold of that doctor and beat him with her shoes! 35 yrs Male R/O Aurangabad was cured completely in 4 courses of acupuncture with Catgut embedding therapy.52 yrs male R/O Manmad could stop using inhaler due to our treatment taken intermittently for 3 months.  Prof. Sir Dr. P. B. Lohiya has developed a special innovative- Acu-catgut therapy. Surgical catgut is injected at certain Acupuncture points ( Points vary from person to person depending upon the imbalance in Five Elements ). About 6-8 sessions are required for cure. Seed fixing and Acupressure is advised at certain points. Excellent results !

Allergy causing Rhinitis-  Male 40 yrs R/O Nasik was suffering from continuous running nose & sneezing. He was allergic to dust, smok ,banana, rice, cold factors etc. He was completely cured bu Acu Catgut therapy. Male 35 yrs R/O Nagar used to sneeze throughout the day with running nose, Catgut embedding once a month, 4 times solved his problem forever.

   Diabetes Mellitus - Male 48 yrs R/O Kolpewadi  was taking Insulin 24 units twice a day + Glynase 1 bd.  Treated by catgut embedding therapy at two acupuncture points.  Before treatment, blood glucose was - Fasting 189mg P.P. 250 mg one month later catgut was repeated and drugs totally stopped. Female 40 years R/O Nashik was on 40 units of Insulin  twice daily, within 4 courses of Acupuncture  Insulin could be totally tapered off.  Blood glucose was normal.  Follow up done for 3 more years.  No recurrence. Male 58 yrs., R/o Aurangabad, Superintendant of Medical college hospital detected his diabetes in 1993. His blood sugar was fasting 140 and P.p. 280 even on taking medications. Came to us in June 95. Given Acupuncture. After 20 sittings, his blood sugar is fasting 110 and P.P. 120. Now he is taking no medication and need not control diet. Male 42 yrs R/O Aurangabad is under treatment. After 40 sitting Blood sugar Fasting & Post Meal which was 266 & 372 came down to 130 & 184 respectively.  A Muslim priest had poor vision due to cataract. He could not get fitness certificate of physician for surgery because of uncontrolled diabetes . Sugar levels PP above 350  were brought down to PP-160. He cou;ld undergo a successful surgery and gain normal vision. A homeopathic practitioner was treated by catgut embedding at important points. Treatment sessions of twice a month for 6 months helped her to be free from Drugs and Diabetes.

 Juvenile Diabetes- College going boy had diabetes since childhood .His blood sugar would remain above 300 with loads of insulin 36U morning and 30 U evening. During the course of Acupuncture treatment he had attacks of fainting which was confirmed to be due to hypoglycemia. The amount of insulin was gradually reduced to 20 units twice a day.  Amount of insulin reduced to half the quantity with maintained blood sugar levels is a very important achievement in the cases of Insulin dependent Diabetes Mellitus. 10 yrs girl R/O Kalyan was taking 40 units of insulin daily. In two months treatment the dose of Insulin could be reduced to only 10 units daily. 22 yrs male R/O Ulhasnagar could reduce his intake of Insulin within a week of first catgut embedding treatment.

 Complications of Diabetes-  Acupuncture is also useful to treat the complications due to Diabetes like Retinopathy, Neuropathy, Nephropathy, Impotence, Decreased immunity, Non healing ulcer etc.                  Diabetic Neuropathy-A veterinary doctor had burning and numbness sensation in the feet.  He used to feel like walking on the bed which was actually on ground. He had history of DM since 7-8 yrs. Acupuncture treatment for 30 days of acupuncture treatment got him rid of the burning and numbness. A Bank Employee had burning sensation with numbness upto the ankles. The blood sugar levels of this patient was uncontrolled >300 PP .After Acupuncture he was nearly recovered  and the blood sugar dropped to 160 PP.

Diabetic Gangrene & Non healing ulcers - Male 55 yrs. Then Member of Parliament, R/O Aurangabad.  Had gangrene of the great toe with a non healing ulcer due to T.A.O. Sympathectomy done in local medical college did not help. Was advised amputation by All India Institute of Medical Sciences Delhi, Eight days of He-Ne LASER therapy given.   Great toe became completely normal. Amputation could be avoided. Male 52 yrs R/O Kalyan had a big non healing ulcer with gangrene of 2 toes , treated by He-Ne Laser at Aurangabad. Amputation could be avoided. Male 59 yrs - Tuljapur- came in 1997 with four diabetic ulcers on the sole of the feet.  Within 10 sittings all the ulcers healed completely. Man 45 yrs R/O Beed had non healing diabetic ulcer on sole of foot. Treated by He-Ne Laser. Ulcer healed completely in 15 days. Father of a physiotherapist had Diabetic gangrene of Rt thumb. Amputation was advised.  The patient was given regular Acupuncture sessions and Helium Neon LASER . Red granulation tissue could be seen on the 15th day of treatment . Further treatments were seen with development of fibrosis and complete healing of wound. Amputation was successfully avoided in this case.

 Diabetic Retinopathy -  An Industrialist had diabetes from 15 yrs. His vision start was getting progressively deteriorated. Helium Neon laser along with Acupuncture helped to reduce dosage of antidiabetic drugs and to stop the progress of the disease. Gradually his  vision started improving to an extent that he could read big letters and walk independently. Female 45 yrs. R/O Baramati.  Vision deteriorated due to retinopathy.  Treated in 1997.  Improvement in 1st course itself.

 Chronic Renal ( Kidney ) Failure- A body builder was diagnosed with CRF. When this case approached us he was already on Dialysis being done on every 5th day .Serum Creatinine levels remained upto 13 with  dialysis on 5th day , so he was advised dialysis twice a week. Acupuncture treatment was started to maintain creatinine levels , dialysis had to be continued. After 10 days of Acupuncture sessions Serum creatinine levels dropped to 7. This treatment helped the patient to maintain the dialysis period to 5 days. Further  treatment levels brought his hemoglobin levels to 10 and serum creatinine levels to 3.2 thus the dialysis period was brought upto 10 days. This patient succumbed to uncontrolled hypertension with hemorrogic stroke.  This patient’s improvement surprised everybody   A businessman was detected with CRF before 7-8 mths. Serum Creatinine level was 6. After 20 days of Acupuncture sessions creatinine levels dropped to 2.2 . This brought a pleasant surprise to the patient . Concerned physicians checked the parameters in 3-4 different labs . The readings were approx around 2.2 with normal hemoglobin levels .Male 40 yrs R/O Mumbai.  Brought to us in 1998.  Was on dialysis twice a week.  After starting treatment, the duration between two dialysis could be gradually increased.  Considerable recovery within 80 sittings.  Blood urea, Serum creatinine decreased and Hb% increased.  Skin colour changed from black to normal.    Female, 55 yrs , R/O Mumbai. Blood Urea & Serum Creatinine before treatment were 123 mgm% & 8.7 mg/dl.
After 4o sittings of Acupuncture, now they are 77 mgm% & 6.6 mg/dl. Respectively. Treatment is being continued.               Male 45 yrs R/O Aurangabad had Serum Creatinine 5.6 mg/dl & Blood Urea 77 mgm%. After one month treatment report showed them 3.8 mg/dl & 56 mgm% respectively. Treatment is being continued. Male 62 yrs R/O Nanded  is suffring from Kidney failure. After 1 month treatment his creatine level dropped down fro 4.5 to 2.35. Treatment is being continued.

  We are treating many such cases with promising results. Need of Dialysis or Kidney transplant may be avoided in about 60% cases provided they dont come too  late.

  Buergers Disease (T.A.O.)-  A retired officer who was a heavy cigarette smoker started getting severe claudicating pain in calf muscles which made him stop while walking. He was a diagnosed case of TAO.  In such patients this distance gets reduced with the progress of the disease which may ultimately result in to gangrene hence amputation of the limb may be necessary. This patient had complete recovery in 4 courses. He could walk to the market   and come back without having a rest period. His surgeon had advised sympathectomy operation for the disease which was successfully avoided due to our treatment.

Restless Leg Syndrome-  Income Tax Officer had  pain in both legs  in resting position and relief on walking. The pain was worst at night and didn’t allow him  to sleep. No drugs and  medicine could help and pain was worsening up. He got delighted in the 2nd course with a brilliant recovery. Later he brought  his boss – The Commissioner to  treat his slipped disc.

 Loss of vision due Macular degeneration-An owner of a renowned automotive company Pune had loss of central vision in right eye due to Toxoplasmosis. His perimetry was done on the first day to check out the blind areas of vision. Acupuncture along with LASER stimulation was given . Helium Neon LASER stimulation is given over the extra points around the eyeball where needling is not permissible. Perimetry was performed after 13 days of treatment to find a remarkable change which suggests increased field of vision. The size of blind spot reduced by 85%. The renowned businessmen could now read the newspaper quite normally and was happy to witness a impossibility into happening.                          

Optic Atrophy ( Loss of Vision due to non functioning nerve ) - Female 32 yrs R/O Hyderabad.  Treated in 1988. Before treatment, only finger counting was possible. According to acupuncture it was diagnosed as " Excess Metal Overacting on Wood".  Normal vision in 10 sittings only.   35 yrs male  R/O Latur had diminished vision. He could not do even finger counting. After 6 months treatment he could read bold letters. Man 28 yrs R/O Pune met with an accident and lost his vision in one eye. He had only finger counting in that  eye due to Optic atrophy. His vision improved up to 6/9 after 6 courses of 20 sittings.   About 75% patients get satisfactory improvement in 4 -5 months.
Retinitis Pigmentosa - Male 35 yrs. R/O Mumbai.  Vision considerably diminished. Marked improvement in vision after each course of He-Ne LASER therapy. 6 course of 10 days given. Male,28 yrs, R/O Mumbai had gradual diminution in vision in dim light and then even in bright light. Central vision was affected more. Had big scotomas in front of both eyes. Treated by Advanced acupuncture and He-Ne Laser. Perimetry
recorded regularly. In 4 courses of 10 days, scotomas reduced with considerable improvement in vision.In this incurable disorder, the disease may be halted or retarded in many cases. This is a hereditary incurable disorder according to Allopathy. At our centres about 30% patients may improve while in majority cases further deterioration may be stopped.

 Amblyopia with High Myopia causing poor vision- A Delhi based family shifted their  home to Aurangabad for the sake of treatment of their daughter suffering from Amblyopia- diminished vision due to improper development of retina. A constantly increased myopic status(-14) did not allow her to visualize things properly. The vision in such cases deteriorates and the child becomes blind.  Ongoing treatments with Acupuncture saw reduction of myopic status. Improvement continued with every course . After one year treatment she was ultimately left with -4 to -5  myopia which was easily manageable with spectacles. This child was saved from being blind.

 Ptosis  of eyelid- Boy 8 yrs R/O Shevgaon  had congenital drooping of right eyelid.  After 10 sittings of Acupuncture, completely cured.   Male 52 yrs R/O Nagpur had drooping of both eyelids due to Myasthenia Gravis.  Treated at Mumbai centre. He could open his eyes without drugs after  2 courses of 20 sittings.   Diplopia with Ptosis - Female 21 yrs R/O Osmanabad, had double vision, drooping of eyelid and diminished vision due to accident.  Treated in 1997.  Complete improvement in 3 courses.

 Dry eyes due to Stevenson Johnson Syndrome- An Income Tax Commissioner had dry eyes after a reaction to antibiotic. Since normal tears could not be secreted he used silica eye drops to keep his eye wet. He came to our Aurangabad centre from Kolkata for  Acupuncture treatment. One fine day he while undergoing pricking at a acupuncture point near eye , suddenly a tear drop came out in both eyes. This made the officer laugh and say  “this is surprising , this incurable thing has resolved like a miracle”. He had permanent normal secretion of tears in 2 courses of acupuncture.                                         40 yrs female R/O Zahirabad had dry eyes due to streptomycin injection. She was treated at our Hyderabad centre. 3 couses of treatment cured her. This case was published in magazine alongwith her photograph.

Corneal opacity - Male 60 yrs R/O Osmanabad came to us in 1997.  Even finger counting was not possible. Opacity vanished after 3 courses.  Vision became normal.


Deafness- A retired teacher, 67 yrs R/O Shahada had deafness since 42 yrs. He could hear loud sound of airplane and bus horn- 100db. This person visited our Acupuncture camp. He was diagnosed with severe Sensorineural hearing loss. This patient started responding to Acupuncture  in only 4 days. Treatment was continued. In another 2 months his vision & memory too improved. He had normal hearing without any hearing aid which he donated later to his deaf neighbor !  His interview appeared in leading news paper. During the treatment he watched a movie- “Ram teri Ganga maili” and sung a song from the movie to make other patients believe and make them happy. A trial of treatment need to be given to all the patients who are still hopeful, it may click! Male 23 yrs R/O Aurangabad was having 55 db hearing loss of conductive type. He was diagnosed as Otosclerosis and advised surgery. In only one course of acupuncture his audiogram was normal. His  ENT doctor who had  confirmed that patient had improved got angry when the patient told him that the improvement was due to Acupuncture. A school girl  was diagnosed with chronic suppurative otitis media. She had frank pus coming out of both ears resulting in to conductive deafness.  ENT specialists advised to undergo Bilateral Mastoidectomy . 15-20 days of  Acupuncture treatment showed remarkable improvement in hearing  and reduction in the ear discharge. Further treatments dried up the ear. The patient was sent to ENT checkup which confirmed the findings and the operation was successfully avoided.

Menieres disease- A 55 yr telephone operator was a diagnosed case of Meniere's disease. 15 days' treatment had considerably reduced her Tinnitus, Deafness & Vertigo. After 4-5 sessions of 15 days treatment she joined her duties.

 Singer’s nodule leading to Speech Loss - Male Doctor 35 yrs R/O Nashik.  Loss of voice, ENT Specialist diagnosed a nodule on Larynx as the cause.  After the first sitting (1992), 75% voice regained.  Nodule vanished after two sittings.  Confirmed by ENT specialist. He presented his own case in our International Conference held in 1994.

 Irritable Bowel Syndrome-  A Radiologist was diagnosed having irritable bowel syndrome. Due to alternating diarrhoea and constipation he lost significant weight. Steroids used to control the attacks temporarily. Search for a cure was on the way and we were one of the milestone in this search. We were pleased to give a excellent recovery to this senior radiologist. After a treatment of 20 days we could stop all the medicines. Since 1 month his appetite was improved to gain 1 kg of weight . He could pass the stools normally. He became a normal looking cheerful individual as before. After 3 courses he started working 10 hours a day .

 Cirrhosis of liver - Male 55 yrs R/O Nashik was brought for treatment in 1988.  Could not sit due to massive ascites.  Within 10 days of treatment the ascites and oedema on feet vanished.  Abdominal girth reduced by 22 cms.  Weight reduced by 17 kgs.  Petichae disappeared.  Patient started riding bicycle on 10th day.  Recorded on video.
Addiction - Male 30 yrs Medical doctor  R/O Aurangabad.  Smoked 80 cigarettes daily.  Treated in 1990.  25% reduction in number of cigarettes daily, after each treatment.  Stopped smoking after 5 days. An alcohol addict 35 yrs R/O Aurangabad who used to consume two  quarters every day for 8 years stopped alcohol after 2 courses of 20 sittings.
Results are quick & excellent in Alcohol / Smoking / Guthka / Drug addiction.

Tuberculosis of Lungs ( Pulmonary T.B.) – 32 year female, R/o Delhi, diagnosis was based on a lesion in chest X-ray and raised ESR. Symptoms aggravated after anti-Koch’s treatment. We stopped the drugs and gave acupuncture. Investigations repeated after 15 days. Reports were normal. Patient totally symptoms free for last two years. 

Interstitial Lung Disease  ( I.L.D. )-  Female 70 yrs R/O Kalyan was on continuous Oxygen therapy for 6 months. Did not respond to medication. Treated by only Acu-seed therapy and acupressure .Completely cured. Did not need oxygen after 3 months. Female 55 yrs R/O Hyderabad is under treatment. Breathlessness has reduced. X ray chest also shows improvement. 40 yrs woman R/O Hyderabad improved in 2 months. Now she can walk much more without breathlessness.


Submucous Fibrosis- Male, 24 yrs, Aurangabad. Caused by frequent chewing of tobacco & betel nut. Could not open the mouth more than only one finger breadth. Could take only liquid diet or food crushed into paste. We treated him for both addiction & fibrosis. After 20 sittings, could open mouth normally. Lost the urge of “Gutkha” completely.

 Hydrocele - Male 23 yrs. R/O Guntur.  Patient treated at Parli in 1987. Hydrocele vanished completely after 4 sittings only.

 Lump in abdomen - Male 40 yrs R/O Nizamabad.  Patient doctor himself.  4cms X 6cms palpable lump in abdomen. According to Prof.Lohia this was Qioma. Treated at Hyderabad camp by bleeding therapy . Lump Vanished within  5 minutes. Operation avoided. 

Infertility - Azoospermia  due to Testicular atrophy -Male 35 yrs R/O Parli,  Treated in 1983.  Semen analysis disclosed presence of sperm after 30 sittings.  Wife  conceived thereafter.  3 deliveries followed by tubectomy done in our hospital.   Male 39 yrs R/O Ahmednager. Testicular atrophy was due to parotitis in childhood. Size of testis started increasing from 1st course.  Normal after 60 sittings .                                                                                                               We have successfully treated many cases of Male / Female infertility in which routine test reports were normal. Our Success rate is about 70% in Oligospermia and 30% in Azoospemia. Modern Medicine has nothing to offer !
Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding-  Female, 45 yrs, Mumbai had episodes of profuse bleeding per vagina for last 6 months. Advised Hysterectomy by the Gyanecologist. With 2 sittings, bleeding stopped totally. 10 more sittings given. No recurrence for last 2 yrs. Surgery could be avoided in last 20 yrs we have treated over 500 such cases. Hysterectomy could be avoided in over 85%.Female 42 yrs R/O Surat was suffering from heavy bleeding due to multiple fibroids in uterus. Catgut embedding at Back-Shu points only once stopped her bleeding. Hysterectomy which was advised by her Gyanecologist could be avoided. A 32 yrs Female Social Worker R/O Kolhapur had constant per vaginal bleeding since 6mths due to multiple fibroids in the uterus. Drugs did not help and invasive procedures like hysterectomy need to be avoided as age factor did not permit it. The treating gynecologist asked the patient to find an alternative treatment . “The Times of India” published an article on Acupuncture and its benefits in bleeding disorders in female. Pieces of catgut were injected at all important acupuncture points.  This case needs a special mention as a single time application of catgut helped the bleeding to stop significantly. Spotting was taken care of in the next application. Operation could be avoided

Uterine Tumour ( Adenomyosis ) treated by He-Ne LASER -
35 yrs. Female, R/o Aurangabad, had complaints of pain in lower abdomen with leucorrhoea and backache. USG reported uterus bulky, fluid in endometrial echogenic foci in body of uterus. Both ovaries were adherent to uterus. It was diagnosed as adenomyosis. He-Ne LASER treatment  given every day for 15 days and then alternate day for another 3 months. USG repeated on 8/4/2000 which reported Endoecho maintained, 12 mm regression of the lesion at almost all places. Both ovaries were normal. Treatment continued for 3 months, biweekly. USG repeated showed endoecho maintained, 12 mm coarse echotexture of uterus but previous lesions were not visualized. Thus surgery could be successfully avoided.

Deep Vein Thrombosis with Varicose veins ( Prof. Dr. Lohia’s Special technique ) Female 55 yrs R/O Ahmednagar, Treated in 1995 for engorged and tortuous varicose veins on both legs with pitting oedema.  Could not get up without support due to osteo-arthitis knee.  Treated by He-Ne LASER therapy.  Within 3 courses she could get up without support, gait improved, tortuous veins & oedema disappeared.  Grey hair turned black and longer.  Patient expressed I have become 10 yrs younger.

31 yrs. Male, R/o Gangakhed – Had tortuous veins on his left leg since 8 yrs.. We treated this case using blood letting therapy. About 20-30 ml blood was drawn out every month. This procedure was repeated every month for about 10 times. Now the patient is completely relieved. The varicose veins have disappeared completely. There is no pain at all. Thus we were successful in avoiding his surgery.

Male 45 yrs, R/o Kalyan. Had too many tortuous veins on both limbs for last 5 yrs. Advised surgery and stockings by the surgeons. We treated by our special method of blood letting to relieve stagnation, once a month for 4 times. All veins disappeared. By now we have treated 142 cases using this unique technique of ours.

Prof. Sir Dr. Lohiya has his own innovative technique of treating Varicose veins - Stagnant Qi -  Bleeding.


Heartblock with Sinus bradycardia- Want to avoid Pace maker ?
55yrs. Male, R/o Kopergaon, had Coronary Artery Stenosis for which bypass done. After one year had sinus bradycardia (50 /min.). Medications tried but failed so . “cardiac pacemaker” was advised by cardiologists. Dr. Lohiya did pulse and tongue diagnosis and labelled the case as “deficient Wood element”. The effect was “Mother affecting Son” i.e. deficient Liver resulting in heart deficiency leading to sinus bradycardia.  Treated by acupuncture. The patient started improving after 10 sittings. Now the pulse rate of the patient is 84 per min. and is fine. Thus his heart block was successfully removed and artificial cardiac pacemaker is no more required.

Want to avoid Angioplasty- Byepass  for Coronary Artery Disease ?- 52 yrs male R/O Mumbai was advised Byepass surgery for his Tripple Vessel Disease. His coronary had 3 blocks, 95%, 85% & 70. He came to us to avoid operation. Before treatment he used to get  chest pain after walking for 2-3 minutes. Gradually he could walk longer. After 4 months of treatment he could walk for an hour without chest pain but had to stop due to pain in the legs !We asked him to repeat Angioplasty. He said " Am I mad to waste money? I can walk for an hour is an enough proof that I am cured ! "           60 yrs male R/O Pune was also advised Byepass for Tripple Vessel Blockage. We could avoid his surgery in 6 months treatment.56 yrs male R/O Aurangabad is under treatment. He has started improving right from the first course.

Cardio-Myopathy-  50 yrs female R/O Mumbai used to get breathless after walking only a few steps. She was already on heavy medication. Cardiologist had clearely given idea regarding the poor prognosis. She is almost normal after 4 months Acupuncture treatment. Now she can walk a couple of Kms without any breathlessness.

Purpura ( I.T.P.) treated by acupressure Male child , 5 yrs,R/O Ambajogai. Had epistaxis & hemetemesis. Diagnosed in Medical college as I.T.P. Platelet count was 30.000 / Acupuncture was contra-indicated due to possibility of bloeeding. Treated by Acupressure for one month. Platelet count increased upto 2,80,000/

Writer’s Cramps- Girl 16 yrs, R/O Pune, daughter of eye surgeon. Advised by neorophysician  to take help of a writer during exam. Cured in 4 courses of 10 days. Did’nt need writer. Passed matric exam with merit because she could write herself. Male 35 yrs, Engineer could not write with Right hand. Doctors advised him to use the other one. By the time he came to us  for treatment he could write normally with Left hand. After 10 days treatment he could restart writing with Right hand. He asked Prof. Lohiya " Now which hand should I use because I can write with both " !

Obesity due to Hypothyroid- 22 yr girl beautician by profession had history of hypothyroidism and severe obesity. Her periods were irregular. She started losing 14 kg weight in 1st month and 4-5 kg per month thereafter. At the end of 3rd month of treatment she had lost 22 kg weight and more importantly her thyroid functions were normal without any ongoing medications. Weight gain due to some medical reasons respond quick and well and the underlying cause also getting completely treated  is the beauty of this treatment.


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